Sunday 7 June 2015

Final Fantasy Fever

Recently, I picked up my Nintendo DSi again after a few years and realized I was pretty close to the end of the Final Fantasy III remake. I finished the game, and suddenly felt this urge to play another Final Fantasy game. Around the same time, I started taking the bus to work, so I got the first Final Fantasy for the iPad to play while traveling. Thus it began... I just could not stop there, so I went and got that Playstation Vita I have been needing to be able play the PSOne remakes and continued with the second game. As I was completing the fourth game this weekend and started looking towards Final Fantasy IV: After Years, I realized I have been neglecting my blogging.

That is why I am now starting a little blog series to follow my progress. I will play through each of the games in the main series at least until the story has been played through. If I feel inclined, I will continue on some of the bonus content available, otherwise I will just move on to the next one. Hopefully, I will get through a few of them before life reprioritizes things!

As a little background, my Final Fantasy started on Gameboy back in the days with Final Fantasy Legend. I remember making it to the final boss and failing and never really finishing the game. It is one of the tragic game memories of my child-hood. Nevertheless, it got me hooked and interested in this type of games. Despite my interest, I played games on the PC most of the time after the NES/GB era, so I missed out on several related games except for VII, but it hit at a time when it did not fit very well into my life. Later, once I got my Xbox 360 and a game called Lost Odyssey, I rediscovered my love to that genre though. So when Final Fantasy XIII came out, I got the Playstation 3 version and played it all the way through, not finishing until I had the 100% platinum trophy. That is when I beat my first Final Fantasy game. Hearing a lot of good things about certain other games in the series, and seeing that there are remakes of these games for current platforms, I could no longer avoid going back to play the games I missed, so here we are!

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