Friday 28 February 2014


Become one with the shadows while trying to overcome obstacles in Thie--. Sorry, I mean Contrast.

Contrast is a cute but short game downloadable through the Playstation Store. I have not checked for which other platforms it is available, but my version is for the PS4. The game revolves around a girl and the people close to her. You take the role as her friend that no-one else seems able to see. No-one else in the world but the girl seems to be visible to you either, except for when a light source shows their shadows on a wall.

Shadows is the key word of the game, since the character you are controlling can shift between existing in the 3-dimensional world and existing as a 2-dimensional shadow on the wall. Whenever you are a shadow, other shadows will hold you up or block you which leads to most of the puzzle solving in the game. By directing spotlights, jumping on moving shadows and placing boxes between a light source and a wall, you can create ways of getting across gaps and climb up to balconies far up.

All in all it is a casual problem solving game where few puzzles gave a lot of trouble. Most of the time there are not that many options and you can often easily see how you are supposed to get up to a place. Some jumps can be a bit tricky where you have to switch between 2d and 3d in the air, but a couple of attempts should get you there.

There is a light (pun intended) story-telling going on, but mostly what will get you through the game is the mystery of what is reality and what is not. Are you a fiction of the girl's imagination as the other shadows seem to think? If you are, why can you affect things in the world of the little girl?

All in all a nice little game for those who like some casual problem solving and some cool tricks with perspectives, but do not expect a game that will last for several hours.