Thursday 17 December 2009

Starting up a blog about everything!

What do you do when you never add stuff to your blog? You start a new one of course! This might seem odd, but there is some logic behind it. Because of this blog's name it could never really be more than stories of what I do in my life, which I want to keep to a minimum since I think no-one cares! Therefore I was never really motivated to keep this one active. If I start another blog though with a better name and another focus I will be more motivated to write and hopefully make something interresting out of it.

This blog will not be killed, because it might still serve a purpose to tie together my other projects, and it is still tied to my name as well!

So what will the new blog be about? Well it could be about everything, and it could be about nothing. It all depends on questions and discussions I stumble on each day. Nothing new really, but rather a collection of the knowledge I stumble upon from several different areas. Of course, there is no avoiding the blog reflecting my personality and the work I do, but the blog itself is not bound to a certain topic.

The name of this new blog will be Reflection 42 and the URL will be posted when it launches soon. Lets see where this takes off!

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